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Mold management of aluminum - plastic bubble cap packing machine

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Mold management of aluminum - plastic bubble cap packing machine

Blister packing machine mold molding mold, heat sealing, indentation die, blanking die, molding die, heat sealing is the key mold, their quality of blister forming quality and heat sealing quality, heat sealing process is already fill medicine granule blister through pulling into the mould device of heat sealing in a certain temperature and pressure bonding closely with aluminum foil, hot sealing die has a hot sealing on die and heat sealing lower die, Both the upper and lower moulds have heat sealing mesh, the domestic common plate type blistering wrapper adopts 0.8× 0.8mm or 0.6× 0.6mm dot mesh heat sealing, and the roller type and drum type blistering wrapper adopts 1× 1mm linear mesh heat sealing. The processing accuracy of the upper and lower reticulation of the heat sealing mold, the degree of anastomoseand the degree of installation and debugging have an impact on the stability of the heat sealing effect. If the reticulation is not uniform, reticulation wear or dirt, it is easy to lead to poor heat sealing, so that the sealing test of the product is not qualified.

For aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine mould must be prepared to the life cycle process management can guarantee the stability of the product sealed its lifecycle process for: user requirements (URS) - function and design documents (DQ) - mold order to acceptance, confirmation (IQ, OQ and PQ) to mold accept the use and maintenance, maintenance, periodic inspection and scrap. At the acceptance stage to confirm mould acceptance standard, such as hot sealing requirements of mold acceptance checker to clear, consistent depth and no wear and tear, etc., in the process of installation and disassembly to avoid damages to the mold and make the mould cleaning and maintenance, temporarily do not use the mold to keep maintenance and housekeeping store, For the damaged or worn and can not repair the mold should be discarded in time to avoid affecting the sealing of the drug.


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