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Operation and characteristics of blister packing machine

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Operation and characteristics of blister packing machine

Plate type blister packaging machine operation process and working procedures: molding pieces of plastic in the plate type preheater heated to softening plastic state, by stepping device traction to the plate type forming device, use compressed air to soften hard blow molding of plastic (or stamping molding) into a blister, filling device will be packaging filling into the bubble, and then transfer to a plate type sealing device, At the right temperature and pressure. The plastic sheet is sealed with aluminum foil, and finally sent to the typing, embossing and punching device. The batch number is printed, the breaking line is pressed out, and the plate is punched into the specified size. Namely: molding plastic hard sheet unwinding → preheating → blowing molding → material filling → sealing and covering aluminum foil → marking batch number → pressing breaking line → stepping → punching → collecting waste.

In recent years, some drugs need to avoid light packaging, there has been a new type of packaging substrate namely composite aluminum foil, it does not need to preheat and compressed air when forming, but the method of mechanical stretching molding.

Usage characteristics: The structure of the molding device is flat type, the molding method is blow molding (positive pressure molding), the use of compressed air to heat the softening of the molding plastic hard piece into the mold cavity (or blow molding and stamping), to form the required geometric shape of the bubble cap. With positive pressure forming, thus forming of good quality and high dimensional precision, small part of the good reproducibility, luster good transparency, blister beautiful crisp, uniform thickness, forming blister size is larger, the draw ratio is larger, the biggest blister forming depth can reach more than 35 mm, can produce complex shape of blister, forming pressure is greater than 4 mpa. The sealing device structure is plate type, the material aluminum foil to be sealed is sent to the plate type sealing plate after pressure sealing, after a certain period of time to leave quickly, belongs to the intergranular sealing, surface contact, sealing total pressure is large, sealing mechanism of high accuracy requirements. Because of the plate forming and plate sealing, it has strong adaptability to the plate size change, flexible plate arrangement, smooth plate without warping. But the sealing time is long, so that the speed of the machine is reduced, the general punching times within 35 times/min. This type of machine has a large filling space and can be arranged with multiple filling machines at the same time, which is easier to realize the packaging of a variety of drugs in one plate, expanding the scope of packaging and improving the packaging grade.


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