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Operation of capsule filling machine

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Operation of capsule filling machine

Structurally, the top of the rotating cylinder is a large, empty capsule can; At the top end of the rotating barrel, there is an external feeding tube, and the bottom of the feeding tube is equipped with a door to control the exit of the capsule. There is an internal fork close to the rotating cylinder and an external closing lever. A measuring tube is installed in the inner layer of the tube. The measuring tube moves vertically according to the curve of the CAM groove in the tube, and the rotation of the tube is simplified. The lower flange of the drum is equipped with an upper support fixed mold corresponding to the number of feed tubes to limit the cap body to fall off when the empty capsule is opened, leaving the cap body in the mold on the upper support. Above the flange is the positioning device to complete the inverted capsule. Below is the lower support mold of the capsule body, in addition to the simple rotation motion, but also according to the curve of the CAM groove in the capsule radial motion; There is a lower closing lever on the outer layer below the cylinder, which ACTS as an on, off and shoot. When the capsule is opened, the vacuum in the lower closing lever is moved. The load can be adjusted on the operating screen by automatically adjusting the weight and displaying the measured value and corresponding number of measured tubes on the screen. In addition, a random weighing system is set up to process the data collected by the electronic weighing element by computer and adjust the measured value so that the weight of the capsule is kept within the preset quality control range.

Drum at the top of the capsule material slot, due to the continuous rotating drum, material tube is easy to enter the empty shell sheath inscribed feeding tube and vertical movement of the discharging door, at the bottom of the capsule with a fork positioning device, positioning (horizontal and vertical), capsule mold positioning device, and capsule currently mold still in the cup, in the near vacuum rod, capsule alone capsule, the cap in the mold cup, close to the measured tube has been increased, the contraction to the lower die, capsule filling, then according to the characteristics and position of the mould and die of convergence, lever or down, feeding tube in the bottom of the lock and package was banished to the lock after capsule, so run continuously.


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