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Operation of semi-automatic capsule machine

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Operation of semi-automatic capsule machine

1.Press the switch button on the "power switch", and the power will be switched on.

2. Slowly adjust the "strong and weak vibration adjusting bar" and rotate clockwise.

3. Put the capsule shell into the capsule plate, about 300 pieces at a time. Place the capsule cover into the capsule cover plate, about 300 capsules at a time. The finished plate is made of SLATE and has a number of small funnel-shaped round holes at the top and bottom, corresponding to the diameter of the capsule. At this point, shake the capsule shell inside the capsule plate so that it moves steadily and slowly back and forth, allowing each particle to enter the hole.

4. After about 30 seconds, the capsule body and cap fall into the circular hole, opening upwards. In the case of a single downward opening, the capsule can be removed by gently pressing the top of the capsule.

5. Manually connect the capsule shell horizontally to the board at the bottom of the badge box and gently push it to the inside. When the capsule plate ends, it will descend to the connecting round orifice plate, and then the connecting plate will exit. Again, remove the capsule cover from the capsule cover with a connecting plate.

6. Square powder board with a base of 5*5 and a height of around 10 can be prepared in advance. Similarly, randomly distributed platinum frames were placed on the splicing plate of the powder capsule. Put a pinch of powder on the shelf.

7. Put the capsule cap and body mounting plate into the capsule cap connecting plate with the hole, which is very easy. Flip the capsule cap over, open the capsule face down, and put it on the already installed capsule connector plate, and it is easy to encapsulate.

8. Wrap the capsule plate in the cavity under the cover template, and push the pressure lever into place by hand. Don't worry about excessive force, because there is a positioning mechanism to control the height of the pressure. Take the capsule out of the capsule, pour into the capsule, and complete the filling. The next board can be recycled.


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