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Operation procedure of bubble cap machine

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Operation procedure of bubble cap machine

1. The green indicator light is on, and the two heating switches, upper and lower forming and hot sealing, open the operation position respectively. The temperature controller controls the forming temperature, which is generally preset at 100℃C, and the second temperature controller controls the heat seal. The temperature is preset at 130℃C~140℃C. Upper and lower forming and heat sealing temperature controller preset temperature; Subject to specific discretion.

2. Put down the pressing block on the primer roller, and the temperature of the forming heating plate is in place, then open the host machine. Plastic PVC is formed first, and the forming bubble eye is in line with the hole position of the heat sealing mold. Observation of plastic (refers to the machine board surface has become a new PVC) walking whether the left and right deviation. If there is a bias should adjust the starting pressure roller seat to adjust the direction of the lead.

3. If the aluminum foil moves left and right, the hand wheel of the roller seat of the rotating knuckle can be adjusted. If the front and back deviation can be adjusted to move the box body.

4. Open the feeder switch and the gate properly after the heat sealing and punching is normal, so that the drugs (tablets, capsules, food clothing) can enter the feeding room in proper amount. If there is a small amount of cylinder material, it can be filled manually.

5. Due to the increase of the weight of the drug, the aluminum foil tension and the gradual change of the machine temperature vary, the forming and heat sealing may not be synchronized, ahead or behind, first check whether the plastic PVC and aluminum foil have negative separation, and then use the machine fine-tuning mechanism to adjust. The trimming mechanism is backward in the mold as it adjusts the distance or the box is adjusted back and forth. So before the boot should be placed in the middle position, can move forward and back, can also be used before the box body movement adjustment, correct movement, the block to wait for more than a dozen versions after the correct, so in not finished, do not switch to switch.

6. plastic, aluminum foil heat sealing quality (adhesive uniform firm flat) by the temperature or pressure, mesh plate flatness to see, if the heat sealing is bad, generally appropriate temperature, pressure is slightly lower, the regulator is positive temperature, and then adjust the screw book pressure.

7. blanking deviation, blanking with layout offset. When the machine stops, the hand adjusting box can be moved, and the mode can be shifted.

8. in the daily operation knowledge, for the work must understand the structure principle, operation by the transmission of the push rod roller CAM, up and down stroke, cover template position fixed die, in blister adverse condition, pay attention to the forming die or heat sealing to top dead center, fixed the post nut, do not pay attention to words easily out of order, the plunger pressure needle roller bite dead phenomenon.


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