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Other factors affecting the capsule filling machine

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Other factors affecting the capsule filling machine

Other factors affecting the capsule filling machine generally include environment and transportation.

The environment

A fully enclosed environment is mainly reflected in temperature and humidity. The ideal relative humidity condition is 35-65%, and the temperature is 15-25℃. Too low humidity will make the shell brittle and easy to decompose. A capsule with high humidity will become sticky and deformed. Too high a temperature will cause thermal damage to the capsule.

The transportation

In the process of transportation, if the hollow capsule is impacted, the deformation of the capsule may hinder the filling of the capsule in the production process, affecting the production efficiency and product quality.

To ensure the quality of the capsule products, the first to ensure that the production conditions meet the requirements, reasonable transportation. Now, with the continuous improvement of filling technology, the degree of automation of capsule filling is higher and higher, and the speed is faster and faster, from tens of thousands of times per hour to hundreds of thousands of times, even hundreds of thousands of times. Therefore, equipment commissioning must be completed successfully to ensure production, to find the right problems. After equipment failure, correct adjustment should be carried out to ensure the running status of equipment, so as to improve production efficiency and ensure product quality. Otherwise, once the equipment has problems, a large number of defective products will be produced in a very short time, causing unnecessary waste and reducing the qualified rate of products.


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