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Overview of high speed capsule filling machine

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Overview of high speed capsule filling machine

Njp-c series automatic capsule filling machine adopts PLC programming, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, man-machine interface operation, touch screen display. It can automatically alarm display for running fault or missing material, automatically stop the machine, and automatically eliminate alarm after troubleshooting. The machine also has password input, teaching Settings, print data, reset and other functions. All the key parts of the machine, such as transmission shaft, CAM, bearing, etc., are imported materials. The equipment is of reliable quality and is the ideal equipment for filling capsule drugs, and fully meets the requirements of GMP.

The machine features are as follows:

1. Small volume, low energy consumption, quick mold replacement, easy operation, easy cleaning; Using Ferguson drive, small vibration, high speed operation noise is lower than 75dB, the dose difference is controlled within 3-5%, the capsule probability is greater than 99.99%;

2. The turning part is completely closed, with good lubrication conditions, and the working table is free of oil stains, avoiding cross-contamination with drugs;

3. There is a bar around the dose plate, which can effectively recycle and reuse the powder thrown out from the plane below the dose plate through another pipeline, and meanwhile reduce the dust on the table;

4.NJP series automatic capsule filling machine adopts German Siemens human-machine interface, PLC programmable controller, LIQUID crystal display yield per minute, accumulative output, dynamic empty capsule and powder status, alarm warning for lack of capsule and automatic stop when powder is insufficient, fault diagnosis prompt, etc.


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