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Packaging process and technology of blister packing machine

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Packaging process and technology of blister packing machine

In the process of blister packing and processing, a forming die, a blister cutting die and a heat sealing tool are needed. The process steps are:

(1).0.127~0.38mm plastic film sheet, in the epoxy resin mold or inner cold aluminum mold, using heating and vacuum method to form a bubble bubble cavity;

(2). After die-cutting, heat release sealing appliance;

(3). Put the product into the cavity of the bubble cap;

(4). The card board coated with heat sealing flux type coating, face down to the heat sealing appliance, the use of positioning pin positioning, to ensure that the cardboard and the bubble cap accurately bonded;

(5). The heat sealing tool is moved to the heating sealing zone, and the film is bonded to the film paper after pressurized heating (120~204℃) for 1.5~3S.

Heating sealing can be divided into direct method and indirect method

(1). Direct heating sealing method The tool for directly heating the edge of the bubble cap is made of sticky material PTFE, which can prevent the adhesion of the film and the heating tool.

(2). The indirect heating sealing method uses the upper heat sealing mold with grooves, and only heats and pressurizes the edge area of the back of the cardboard that coincides with the bubble cap.


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