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Packing advantages of blister packing machine

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Packing advantages of blister packing machine

The blistering packaging of drugs is to fill the groove with tablets, pills, capsules and other solid drugs after the transparent plastic hard sheet is blistered, and then heat the aluminum foil coated with adhesive to bond together, forming an independent sealing package. Blister packaging has great advantages: firstly, it provides the patients with a single dose of medicine packaging, which is convenient and economical; Secondly, blistor packaging has the advantages of good performance, high production efficiency, low cost, small storage space, light weight and convenient transportation. Moreover, the safety is good, because the blister packaging can be printed with text, the hair and the drug can avoid the wrong drug phenomenon.

Pharmaceutical blister packaging on the market at present is mainly PVC base material, PVC base material is made from PVC resin add certain processing AIDS, produced by the method of extrusion, rolling processing to meet the requirements of medicinal products, as the backing material, blister packaging can separate separate each pill, pill or capsule, making it the smallest pharmaceutical packaging unit. However, the performance of polyvinyl chloride substrate blocking water vapor, oxygen and uv light is poor, so it is limited in the packaging application of medicine with special needs, such as Chinese medicine powder, pill and granule.

Due to the special protective packaging requirements of transparency, oxygen resistance, water vapor resistance and high energy ultraviolet penetration required by drug blister packaging, no barrier polymer material can meet the requirements at the same time. An ideal blister packaging substrate can be obtained by co-extrusion and casting of multiple layers of different functional materials.


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