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Packing machine connection table problem

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Packing machine connection table problem

Blister packaging machine plate is docking PVC station, at the same time, there are two cylinder control PVC release and stop protection, when forming step traction, clamping cylinder release, when forming traction to reach the end of the traction, clamping cylinder clamping PVC, prevent PVC continue to move forward; The other cylinder of the plate platform is opened when the equipment is turned on and closed when it is shut down to prevent THE PVC from being burned by long-term sticking on the heating plate; The third function is to adjust the position of PVC, when PVC on both sides of the waste edge asymmetry can be adjusted to control the center position of PVC table block.

Prone to two problems for splicing machine station, a problem, after each sheet PVC in forming step to run or fine, appear this kind of problem because of docking PVC edge is not neat, or butt paste transparent tape is not smooth, or is a splicing of retaining clip too tight and PVC has traces of change will cause PVC stress non-uniform, After heating PVC is easy to deformation, so PVC deviation or drawing is caused by the conflict between the plate stop and PVC butt position, PVC drastic changes. The first solution is to align each piece with PVC, and the adhesive transparent tape should be flat and pasted.

PVC molding when the lamination phenomenon, the occurrence of this situation is generally empty board, need to be re-in the molding section splicing, waste of time and packaging material. At this time, check whether the width of PVC stopper is 0.5mm to 1mm larger than the width of PVC. If the width of the connecting platform and PVC is too large, it will cause PVC to move around in series, and it may cause PVC to form an arc before forming the mold because of the inertia of traction, and form lamination after the mold pressing. PVC will leak air because of uneven pressing, and have bad molding problems.


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