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Particles tablet press

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Particles tablet press 

The great advantage of dry granulation is that the material does not need to undergo a wet and warm process. Especially for drugs sensitive to heat and humidity, they can reduce working hours, reduce production equipment and improve product quality. However, dry granulation has some problems: a large compression after rolling and crushing may produce more fine particles; Special equipment is needed for dry granulation. Therefore, in practice, only a few drugs are used in this method, except for the use of dried extracts directly ground into granules.

After mixing the drug and auxiliary materials, through the rolling mill process (that is, the mechanical industry of double-rail rubber) through 1 to 3 times, that is, pressed into the required hardness requirements of the thin section, the thin section particles can be broken into particles through the granulator, adding lubricant can be pressed into pieces.

The advantages of the rolling method may be the slow and large area feeding, easy to control the thickness of the powder layer, uniform hardness of the slice, can restrain and reduce the pressure of the air, therefore, this kind of particles pressed into tablets no loose phenomenon. But because the friction between the drums often causes temperature to rise, sometimes very hard particles are produced, so the tablets do not break down easily.

The large tablet method, in which drugs are mixed with adjuvants and then pressed by a larger tablet machine (especially a large tablet machine) into a tablet with a diameter of usually 20mm or larger. The large surface is ground to the proper size by a vibrating granulator. Granulator as far as possible to choose a thicker screen, can withstand the greater screen pressure. The lubricant is added to the granules and the tablets are then pressed down.

The process of grinding large pieces of powder is not easy. It requires crushing and repeated crushing, which takes a long time, the material is lost, and it requires a very high press. As a result, it is now rarely used.


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