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Peristaltic pump of liquid bubble wrap machine

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Peristaltic pump of liquid bubble wrap machine

A peristaltic pump is like a hose with liquid between your fingers. When you slide your finger forward, the fluid in the tube moves forward. Peristaltic pump works in the same way as using a roller instead of a finger. Fluid is pumped through alternate extrusion and release of the pump delivery pipe. Just like using two fingers to tighten the hose, when the fingers move, negative pressure is created in the tube and the liquid flows.

Peristaltic pump is a section of pump pipe between two rollers, forming a buffer shape of the fluid. The volume of the gasket depends on the pump's inside diameter and rotor geometry. The flow depends on the product of three parameters, namely the speed of the pump head and the size of the gasket, and the number of gaskets produced during each rotation of the rotor. The pad's size is usually constant (unless it pumps a particularly viscous fluid).

Compared with the pump with the same rotor diameter, the buffer pump that produces a larger volume also carries a larger volume of fluid through the rotation of the rotor and also produces a larger pulsation. This is like a membrane flap. And produce a smaller volume buffer pump, through the rotation of the rotor to transport a smaller volume of fluid; In addition, the formation of fast continuous pads facilitates fluid flow more smoothly. It works like a gear pump.

No pollution: liquid only contact the pump pipe, do not contact the pump body;

High precision: high repeatability, good stability;

Low shear force: Ideal for transporting shear-sensitive, highly corrosive fluids;

Good air tightness: with good self-suction ability, no load, prevent backflow;

Simple maintenance: no valve, no seal;

With equal two-way flow capacity.


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