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Plate type automatic blister packing machine

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Plate type automatic blister packing machine

This machine is suitable for aluminum-plastic, paper-plastic, aluminum-aluminum composite sealing packaging of capsule, tablet, honey pill, candy, one-time syringe, gel mask and special-shaped products in pharmaceutical, food, electronics, cosmetics, medical equipment and other industries. This machine adopts microcomputer programmable controller, touch panel operation, frequency conversion speed control, high degree of automation, easy to operate, is the ideal blister packaging equipment.

1, molding, heat sealing, indentation, punching and other parts in the same plane of the fuselage can be arbitrarily adjusted spacing, adapt to various sizes of drug version packaging, high precision, strong applicability.

2, stroke can be adjusted, automatic feeding, plate heating, positive pressure molding, upper and lower mesh, cylinder heat sealing, automatic indentation, batch number, manipulator traction, simple operation, reliable operation.

3, adopt brand series helical gear reducer, low noise, long life.

4, the mold plate positioning, accurate to the plate, easy to change the mold.

5, combined mechanism, convenient disassembly, easy maintenance.

6, with the vibration of the bubble feeder, to solve the ordinary feeder feeding uneven, the problem of piling.


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