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Points for attention of blister packing machine

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Points for attention of blister packing machine

1. Before starting the machine, all parts of the machine must be cleaned. Any tools and sundries must not be put on the machine, so as to avoid vibration down and damage the machine.

2. The handle must be removed before starting the production to avoid the handle being thrown out.

3. Before starting the machine, you must declare "starting the machine" to the relevant personnel around the machine.

4. Do not start the machine when the protective cover of each part is opened.

5. During the boot process, always pay attention to the direction of PVC aluminum foil to prevent deviation.

6. If any problem is found in the starting work, the power shall be cut off in time and the maintenance personnel of the power equipment department shall be informed.

7. If the machine failure or quality problem is found, it must stop the machine and deal with it, and all kinds of fault shall not be eliminated in the operation of the equipment.

8. Pay attention to the use of PVC tail connection, and do not add dosing during this period.


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