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Powder pressing process

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Powder pressing process

Direct powder production technology has excellent disintegration and dispersion properties and excellent uniformity, so now, this technology is widely used in some fast release tablets, tablets manufacturers are also more and more use direct powder technology.

Why can the direct powder tablet process improve the disintegration of tablets? Experts explain that the breakdown of the drug depends on the pill dissolving through capillaries or swelling. The tablets prepared by the direct crushing method and the tablets prepared by the wet method have different disintegrating agents, which will not reduce the disintegrating performance due to contact with the tablets prepared by the wet method, thus ensuring good disintegrating characteristics. In addition, due to the lack of pills, pills will not be decomposed into large particles, but the fine powder has a large specific surface area, which can be evenly distributed and increase the body's dependence, leading to the release and absorption of drugs. Studies have shown that the technology can ensure that the pills are completely broken down within 30 seconds. At present, many dispersible tablets are prepared by direct powder tablet technology.

Direct powder tablet technology also helps to improve the solubility of low-solubility drugs. This drug is one that affects a larger specific surface area and the surface properties of the finished product. The pharmacists' excipient method is to directly select the compressed drug, and the drug dust is directly pushed to increase dispersion after dissolution, with a high solubility relative to bioavailability. Powder directly pressed tablet, choose hydrophilic adjuvant such as lactose as filler, to ensure the rapid collapse of the drug, the drug and lactose powder suspended in water, then drug dissolution and on the surface with van der Waals force and water hydrogen bond, reduce the hydrophobicity of the drug, improve the solubility of the drug.


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