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Powder running improvement of tablet press

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Powder running improvement of tablet press

In the process of tablet production, tablet pressing is the process of forming the material. Tablet pressing process can be briefly summarized as follows: the powder material from the hopper into the forced feeding mechanism; The cloth impeller of the forced feeding mechanism will cloth the material into the middle plate (also known as the main rotary table) in the die hole; Upper and lower punch with the central disk rotating at the same time, by the upper and lower guide rail curve groove, a smooth curve and exercise, after filling, preloading, main pressure, the four stations, after scraping powder area, preloading area, the main pressure zone, the area, remaining material recycling cleaning area, form a circle, the material crushing and continuous tablet is the cycle of repeated.

At present, the key components of the domestic high-speed tablet press, such as the hopper, the forced feeding mechanism, the middle plate, etc., are independent, and the clearance between them is inevitable, so the powder running phenomenon is inevitable in the process of tablet production, therefore, we should pay attention to how to improve this phenomenon. If we want to solve this problem thoroughly and avoid the occurrence of powder running, we can only change the structure eventually. At present, there has been a new structure idea in the world, such as feeding hopper directly connected with the middle plate feeding.

The phenomenon of running powder of high-speed tablet press directly affects the utilization and production cost of materials. The less the amount of running powder, the higher the utilization rate of materials and the smaller the cost loss. On the contrary, the more powder, the lower the utilization rate of the material, the greater the cost loss. As a user, in addition to caring about the reliability of the equipment and the difference in sheet weight, but also more concerned about the actual utilization rate of materials, and now on the market of high-speed tablet press powder rate is uneven, about 1% ~ 8% between the range, which greatly affects the overall quality of the product. Whether for equipment manufacturers or users, the improvement of running powder phenomenon is an important measure to save energy and reduce consumption, reduce costs and increase output.


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