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Powder tablet press

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Powder tablet press

Powder tablet press is a small basket type tablet press. It is one of the necessary equipment for processing granulated raw materials into tablets or granules in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronic and other industrial departments. It is suitable for small batch production, laboratories, hospitals and other departments to press tablets, precision ceramics, new materials, new energy, superconductivity, building materials, infrared spectrophotometer, X-ray fluorescence analysis, calcium and iron analyzer, contact coal, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, coffee tablets, powder metallurgy, electronic components and a variety of agricultural fertilizer tablets. It can suppress various kinds of special shape and annular tablets, and can suppress double-sided tablet engraved with trademarks, text and simple graphics, used for the large size of tablet production of Chinese and western pharmaceutical industry, at the same time apply dry chemical, food, ShenZi industries, characteristics of the powder tablet press is a small desk-top continuous tabletting machines, electric can also hand, the thickness of the tablets of the average, high gloss, No polishing required. Because there is only one single stamping die, so called single stamping machine; The filling depth of the material and the thickness of the tablet are all section.

In actual production, will encounter some chemical instability of drugs, such as easy to hydrolysis of esters, amides, drugs, easy oxidation of phenol hydroxyl drugs, vitamin C, vitamin E and so on, in the wet legal system grain, a lot of heated, with light unstable drug hydrolysis reaction will happen in the process of production, or in the process of particles drying heat damage, Or due to the complexity of the process caused by the drug visible light decomposition. For these problems, direct tablet pressing technology can be considered to solve. Because the powder direct tablet process is simple, without granulation and drying, it can effectively protect the stability of the main drug, avoid various unstable factors caused by wet granulation, so as to ensure the quality of the product, and the process adaptability is very strong.


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