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Pre-work procedure of blister packaging machine

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Pre-work procedure of blister packaging machine

1. According to the safety electricity standard, turn on the power for lighting. When the test is completed, turn on the power to ensure access to the ground wire and start the main motor.

2. Water connection: The cooling water enters according to the signal board on the fuselage seat. Whether the outlet leaks or not shall be subject to the patency of water inlet and outlet.

3. Air pump: Connect the air compressor pipe to the air plug and open the air compressor at the same time. Air pressure can only be used if the pressure is greater than 0, 6-0,8mpa.

4. Refueling: Add oil to the box and transmission. The amount of refueling is about two thirds of the box capacity.

5.PVC plastic feeding shaft: Adjust the inner and outer taper nuts to make the mold run to the feeding point. After the PVC plastic passes through, the material support will be opened and pressed. Please note that the PVC plastic on the surface of the sheet is steel rail, evenly distributed on both sides.


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