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Precautions for blister packaging machine

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Precautions for blister packaging machine

The machine must be operated and repaired by professional personnel. Before operation, please read carefully this instruction to avoid any damage to human body and property caused during the use. The operation must be carried out in strict accordance with the use instruction and any operation violating the stipulations is forbidden.

1.The ground wire must be connected into at the designated position by the grounding sign. 

2.Lubrication must be added before the production. 

3.During the operation of the machine, the operator shall pay attention to the operation status of each part of the machine, and is not permitted to leave his post.

4.Maintenance and cleaning must be carried out after the general power supply is cut off and the emergency stop switch is pressed. 

5.After the machine starts, it is forbidden to put hands into the warning part so as to avoid being damaged or burnt by the high temperature. 

6.Outside protection wire should be linked with the terminal which be marked with “PE” 

7.The machine is not suitable to use in the latent explosion environment. 

8.There are some heated parts in this equipment. If temperatures are incorrectly set, there is a risk of fire or potentially harmful fumes, so please use the machine in the well ventilated room. The recommended temperature setting are as follows: Upper heating plate temperature:100℃-120℃ Lower heating plate temperature:100℃-120℃ Heat-sealing temperature:150℃-180℃


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