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Precautions for operation of semi-automatic capsule filling machine

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Precautions for operation of semi-automatic capsule filling machine

1. Arrange professional full-time staff to operate and maintain. The operator must have the appropriate quality, the use of methods and strict compliance with safety regulations after a basic understanding of the operating instructions, and do routine maintenance work.

2. Please read the operating instructions carefully before using the device and pay attention to warning signs affixed to the machine.

3. Do not install the equipment in the heat, humidity, vibration, strong, easy to make a collision or flammable place.

4. Before using the device according to the machine ground signs indicating access to the ground.

5. To confirm the voltage of power supply must meet the specifications of the machine and kept within safe limits.

6. Keep the device electrical box door closed to prevent moisture or dust particles flying into the cause short circuit, and the timing of the electrical box in the dust to clean up (Must be powered off before cleaning).

7. If there is an abnormal state of electrical equipment, it must be handled by a professional electrical engineer.

8. While the machine is running, if any abnormal condition or unusual sounds, immediately press the emergency stop button. Without professional maintenance staff, please call our service telephone for assistance.

9.When the machine daily cleaning, maintenance, repair or replacement of the mold parts, make sure the power is off.


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