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Precautions for packaging and packaging of blister packaging equipment

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Precautions for packaging and packaging of blister packaging equipment

1. The inspector must check the whole machine for sheet metal inspection for obvious scratches, corners, burrs, and polished wires that have not been treated in place;

2. Confirm the electrical configuration of the equipment, confirm whether the voltage of the equipment is consistent with the order form, and check whether the electrical box and line trachea are clean;

3. Confirm whether the information on the nameplate is correct, whether the pasting mark is in the correct position, and confirm whether the tool box accessories and the mold are complete;

4. Test machine, whether there is abnormal noise and noise when the machine is running, confirm whether the various stations work normally during the machine operation, whether there is obvious swing, and whether the work is normal when the material is running, whether there is jamming (15-40 multi-speed operation) , Check whether the sample tested by the mold is consistent with the size of the drawing, and there is a separate test stability for the non-standard feeder and non-standard modification function;

5. Check whether there is oil leakage in the cabinet, whether the main shaft transmission station is oiled (butter oil mixed);

6. Check the air pipe and water pipe for air leakage and water leakage;

7. Check whether the toolbox and mold are complete;

8. Before packaging the machine, you must keep a picture of the equipment and accessories purchased by the customer. The main view, top view, left view, right view, rear view, etc. must not be less than 5;

9. Pay attention to the bottom corner of the machine when packing. After the machine is packed, it must be marked with a mark or the buyer's address and other information.

10. When transporting, the machine handed over to the logistics company must remember the logistics bill number, if necessary, leave the driver's number or a copy of the driver's license driving license to follow up the logistics situation in real time.


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