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Preparation for the operation of the tablet press

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Preparation for the operation of the tablet press

After the mold is installed, turn the steering wheel by hand and make the steering wheel rotate 2-3 times to observe the abnormal friction noise of the up and down impact lever on each track and each hole.

The machine must have reliable ground wiring, connecting five wires to a three-phase power grid. The external vacuum cleaner is connected to the main machine.

Turn on the main power switch, and the power indicator is on with the speed of 0. Press the start button of the vacuum cleaner and the operation indicator of the vacuum cleaner will light up. Now test the air capacity in the vacuum cleaner. Turn on the light switch on the screen and turn on the pressed light. In order to prevent the press from reaching the maximum speed immediately after starting, which may lead to negative overload of the press, the necessary working speed must be determined before the press runs. Press this key, or you can set the turntable speed you want, and then press the turntable key. At this point, the main engine starts and the dial spins and accelerates to the speed you set in six seconds. In addition, the tachometer system, which consists of a proximity switch and a tachometer, has a sleep time, so the actual rotational speed can only be displayed on the tachometer after 3 seconds. If you find any exceptions, press the stop button and the host will stop immediately.

In case of emergency, you can immediately press the emergency stop button on the side of the machine. At this point, all the indicator lights on the instrument panel are off and the machine stops working; Only when the stop light comes on and starts to work, can you restart the work by rotating the button through the clock hands.

When the specified working pressure exceeds the actual working pressure of the compressor, the machine should be warned to stop working. At this point, the panel appears the power lamp, tinnitus sends out sound and light alarm; After troubleshooting, the alarm stops.

The frequency converter should display the frequency and reason of fault alarm. It changes the effect of the engine. Therefore, after the problem is resolved, press the reset button and then press the host to start.


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