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Preparation method of tablets

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Preparation method of tablets

The preparation methods of tablets include wet granulated tablets, dry granulated tablets, powder direct tablets and freeze-dried tablets, etc.

Direct powder tablet means that the powder is directly pressed into tablets, separately screened, mixed with appropriate excipients, without wet granulation or dry granulation direct tablet. Because the technological process is simple, no need to granulation and drying, save energy and time, protect the stability of drugs, improve the solubility of drugs, achieve a high degree of industrial automation, more and more domestic pharmaceutical companies used. Data show that about 40 percent of overseas tablet varieties are produced through a single process. Compared with traditional wet granulation, the most obvious advantage of direct crushing technology is economy. In traditional wet granulation, the amount of adhesive, the drying time of the granule and the screening time of the alcohol granule must be considered, so the production requires a lot of machines and large space.

In addition, due to factors that rely on empirical judgment, product quality may be unstable, vary widely from batch to batch, and so on. Direct granulation technology is the most obvious advantage, reduce the equipment and operation cost, simple production process, no granulation, screening, drying, granulation and sampling, under the natural state, the corresponding inspection facilities and equipment investment cost reduction, the intensity of the work, save time and effort, rather than the workers experience determines the final quality of the product, the final product quality is stable, small batch, the maneuverability is strong, guarantee continuous production, especially in the GMP production and management.


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