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Preparation of capsule filling materials

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Preparation of capsule filling materials

If the pure product is pressed to the appropriate particle size to meet the requirements of capsule filling, that is, the direct filling agent, but most drugs, fluidity and other aspects of the problem, need to add certain diluents, lubricants and other excipients to meet the content or clinical drug requirements. Sucrose, lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, modified starch, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, talcum powder, high-performance lubricating powder, etc., can generally be added to improve the fluidity of the powder or avoid stratification. It can also be filled with excipients after granulation. Capsule specification selection and sets and seal: quantity need to choose according to the empty capsule drug specifications, doses of drugs in accordance with the relevant provisions on behalf of the empty capsule low capacity to choose, but then decided to first according to the empirical test and a common approach is to use material to the characteristics of the volume dose calculation should be installed according to the material, and to determine the serial number of the capsule. After filling the medicine, the capsule can be wrapped up. Most of the locking capsules used at present have good sealing property and do not need to be sealed. When using Kaifeng capsule (Pingfeng capsule), it must be sealed. Sealing materials are commonly used in gelatin solutions of different concentrations, such as gelatin, water, ethanol mixture, etc. Unless otherwise specified, articles packed in hard capsules shall generally be well mixed in the form of fine powder or granules. Filling is usually done manually with a small amount of preparation. Series production, with automatic filling machine.

The dosage of powder is usually due to the loss of small dose, which makes the content of the capsule inappropriate, so I need to prepare several additional doses according to the actual needs, and wait for all the doses of the capsule filling machine to be filled before removing the excess powder. If the filling is powdery, it should be kept dry, with appropriate trimmings, and mixed well before filling.

The closure of the capsule is an important process and comes in two forms, open and closed. Pingkou capsule is a commonly used capsule in production. It can be sealed after filling to prevent leakage of materials. However, at present, most of the use of lock mouth capsule, sealed well, do not need to seal; When using a flat mouth, it is necessary to seal the mouth. Gelatin solutions with the same concentration as the empty capsules, such as gelatin, water, ethanol, etc., are usually prepared by sealing materials. During the filling process, the outer wall of the capsule may absorb or attach some powder. Dust or polish if necessary.


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