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Preparation of tablet press before production

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Preparation of tablet press before production

① Check whether there is a clearance mark in the operation room, and whether the tools and containers are clean and dry within the validity period. Otherwise, the clearance shall be carried out according to the clearance standard operating procedures and passed the OA inspection, and the clearance certificate shall be filled in before the next operation can be carried out.

②according to the requirements to choose the appropriate tablet equipment, equipment to have a "qualified" sign, "has been cleaned" sign, and check the condition of the equipment, confirm that the equipment is normal, can be used.

③Clean equipment, containers, tools, workstations. Adjust the electronic balance to check whether the mold is clean and dry, and whether it meets the production instructions. If necessary, wipe it with 75% ethanol for disinfection.

④Fill in the material requisites according to the production instructions, and get the tablets with particles from the intermediate station, and check the product name, batch number, specifications, quantity and quality without error, then proceed to the next step.

⑤Disinfect the equipment and the required containers and tools according to the Disinfection Procedures for Tablet Press Equipment.

⑥ suspend the running status flag, enter the tablet operation.


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