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Preparation of the capsule filling machine before operation

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Preparation of the capsule filling machine before operation

Pre-operation preparation

1. Before operation, set the feeding device and powder adding mechanism on the opening to check whether there is foreign matter or tape in the feeding and filling area of powder.

2. Check whether the equipment parts in contact with materials meet the cleaning requirements of GMP, and further clean and dry if necessary.

3. Check whether the host and accessories are complete and effective, check whether the accessories are loose, and find loose accessories for fastening.

4. Check whether the vacuum tube and vacuum cleaner are connected to the main machine.

5. The filler should be checked, not mixed with metal and other foreign bodies, so as to avoid accidents.

6. After the completion of the operation, check whether there is any fault in other parts of the equipment and start the operation without any fault.

Pre-operation adjustment

1. Turn on the power.

2. Check that all security Settings are correctly configured and set.

3. Without capsule and powder, the handwheel is rotated in the working direction of the machine for about 2 times. After normal, put the capsule and powder into the capsule bucket respectively. The height of the powder bucket is lower than the height of the container. At the same time, the dose chamber and distribution chamber must have more than half of the powder.

4. Adjust the preset value of the filling rod and insert the depth of the measuring disk.

5. After setting, press the motion point of the main motor. When the motion point is normal, the start switch can work fully automatically.

6. Speed adjustment during the operation of the main engine.


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