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Preparation of the tablet press before operation

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Preparation of the tablet press before operation

Check that rooms, equipment, accessories, etc. are clean as required. Check whether the transmission parts and joints of the equipment are loose, blocked or magnetic, and deal with any faults in time. Check the clearance of each anchor point for compliance.

Before use, open the upper cover of the worm case and inject the oil. The height of the oil should not exceed the non-surface line. (View boxes are represented by red lines)

Check each machine to adjust the position of the line, turn the steering wheel, observe the stamping operation.

After each cleaning, use the handwheel for one week before starting the machine and confirm the abnormal situation.

Check that stamping parts are properly installed, tools and other components are on the machine, and that all protection and protection devices are properly installed. Check whether the granule raw material is ultrathin and wet, if there are two phenomena should not be started. Close the doors and Windows, put the materials into the hopper.

Verify that the computer power switch is in the "off" state and the manual/automatic transfer switch is in the "Manual" state. After confirming that the above is correct, switch on the main power supply and drive accurately.


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