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Press adjustment of double layer press machine

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Press adjustment of double layer press machine

A particle is added into a feeder press, and the weight difference of the test piece meets the requirements. The second kind of particle is added into the feeder press, and the weight difference of the measured pieces meets the requirements. If you choose two kinds of double-layer tablet press which can produce the tablets at the same time, it can meet the requirements at the same time. Two kinds of particles were added into two feeder to suppress the two-color tablets, and the weight difference of the tablets was detected to meet the requirements of internal control. Connect the dust suction tank and powder suction nozzle. Observe the effect of dust (powder) to ensure that the particles of the two materials can not be mixed, before the formal tablet. After normal tablet pressing, each index of tablet is tested at specified intervals. After several batches of tablets, the gap between the feeder and the middle die plane of the turntable is required to be checked on the side with a special feeler, and the gap is controlled between 0.05 and 0.10 mm. At the same time, it is also necessary to check the wear condition of the bottom surface of the feeder scraper, and timely replace the well. Clean the vacuum cleaner and connect the hose regularly as required, so as not to affect the dust (powder) effect. In the process of tablet pressing, there are such cases as overdifference of sheet weight, loose sheet, split sheet, adhesive stamping, delay of disintegration, speckle and printing, laminated sheet, burst punch, broken punch, etc., which can be dealt with by referring to the above problems of monochrome sheet. Or refer to the methods introduced in other articles, not described here.

Double piece of tablet press as an important equipment of pharmaceutical production is used by more and more, the technology is in constant development and renewal, from the working principle of the double-layer tablet press, up and down the rail guide, feeder, dust collection device, choose die, debug the tablet into consideration, intended to double piece of tablet of pharmaceutical companies issued improved type, use, maintenance, etc. Plate-pressing machine manufacturers should exchange ideas with each other in order to improve the overall level of China's plate-pressing machine products, catch up with the international advanced level as soon as possible.


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