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Press die for sheet pressing machine

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Press die for sheet pressing machine

The die is an important part of the tablet press. Common faults in use include: punching rod wear, replacement, mainly due to too much pressure, punch bend affects the weight difference of tablets, need to be replaced. If the feeder is worn or not installed correctly, the bottom turntable of the feeder is worn closely to the plane, and the distance between the feeder's position and the bottom of the feeder and the bottom of the turntable is 0.05-0.1mm. Part of the caps on the head are not taken out in the feeder, which may cause wear or even damage to the machine in the stamping process. The pressure should not be too large, the machine should not be overloaded, found fault in time to deal with. For example, if detonation or beam wear occurs during stamping, replace the detonation or repair the replacement head. After replacing the feeder, clean the machine and separate the powder from the bottom. Improper installation of feeding machine caused rotary plate plane particle leakage. Adjust the screw position on both sides of feeder, adjust the position of hopper and control the material flow. The axial rotation movement of the boom leads to incorrect measurement, resulting in weight difference, check for wear of the small turbine, and adjust the worn parts. Improper installation of feeder. Low feed flow and unstable filling. Adjust the position of the screws on both sides of the feeder. Increase the feed flow, make the material filling stable. Discharging from the blanking system will affect the filling volume, resulting in a large difference in weight. Stamping reason: check whether the stamping parts conform to the standard, and replace the stamping parts that do not conform to the standard. Pressing: the particles are too thick, the weight changes greatly, the weight is unstable. The operator must often weigh the weight of the tablet and the weight of the particles. In order to make the particle size suitable for stamping, the granulation process must be introduced. The shock absorber cushion compression screw is loose, the shock absorber is properly installed, check whether the compression screw is loose, if so, tighten the nut. If the speed of the press is not correct, the speed should be reduced or increased.

Oil-free gas supercharger is completely oil-free and lubricates to meet the demand of medium and high pressure nitrogen supercharger for high-quality gas.

When the pressure on both sides is not correct, the pressure changes greatly and the thickness of the workpiece on both sides is obviously inconsistent. Adjust the blade thickness to make the output blade thickness uniform on both sides. Influence of granule, improvement of pressing process, reasonable formulation, improvement of granule quality. The operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment are required, and the turbine, turbine, bearing, pressure, flexible guide parts, clothing and defects should be checked and repaired regularly once or twice a month. The electrical components should also be carefully maintained and checked regularly to make the equipment in a good working state.


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