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Pressing machine needs to pay attention to the problem

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Pressing machine needs to pay attention to the problem

The working process of the press is to press the raw material into irregular or regular shape, of course, not all the press are in the shape of powder particles. Due to the particularity of powder particles, there are many points to be paid attention to in the process of processing.

The machine needs a stable environment in the process of pressing powder granule raw materials to provide basic flat ground fixation under the most basic conditions.

According to the process of the parts of the comparison, choose the appropriate type of mold. There is a certain relation between the size of mold and the granularity of raw material.

As the stamping object of the whole pressing machine is powdery material, try to avoid mixing other types of waste.

Dust has always been a domestic and most of the imported tablet press must pay attention to the problem, so dust pollution and removal is also a problem.

The main products are granular powder tablets, special-shaped tablets, milk tablets and other household products, as well as other types of sterile tablets, health pills and other industrial products.

In the production process, due to its own work advantages, all aspects of the work have higher productivity. Today, the emergence of tablet products has further improved production efficiency.

While efficiency and other improvements have been made, there are still some usage issues that need to be addressed. Such as:


The movement direction of the bracelet, check whether the movement of the bracelet is flexible without error. Long periods of inactivity or long periods of inactivity require good maintenance. Any minor problems should be strictly carried out in accordance with the operating standards. After the raw material is crushed, the insulation and protection measures such as strip particle powder should be checked clearly.

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