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Pressing wheel failure of tablet press and its solution

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Pressing wheel failure of tablet press and its solution

The pressing wheel part can be divided into the upper pressing wheel and the lower pressing wheel, which is also the device to adjust the pressure of tablets and increase the protection. The common failure problems are:

(1) pressure wheel wear

(2) the pressure wheel shaft bearing is short of oil or damaged

Analysis and solutions:

(1) the serious wear of the outer circle of the pressure wheel leads to large positive force at the tail of the punch rod. The pressure wheel must be replaced. When the inner hole of the pressure wheel and the pressure wheel shaft are seriously worn, the pressure wheel or the pressure wheel shaft must be replaced. In addition, sometimes the fracture of the press wheel shaft is mainly caused by excessive pressure. Most of the fracture is caused by improper adjustment of the material pressure. At this time, the press wheel shaft needs to be replaced, the material needs to be adjusted and the pressure needs to be adjusted.

(2) Lubricate and maintain the press shaft bearing regularly, and replace it in time if it is damaged.


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