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Pressure on the die of the tablet press

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Pressure on the die of the tablet press

1. the pressure of the die is directly related to the material, of course, the use of hard, wear-resistant materials can significantly increase the pressure of the die can withstand a lot, the pharmaceutical industry (global) is more common S-7, of course, the cost is relatively high, in addition to the expensive raw materials, processing costs are also high; The price of several other domestic materials is low, and the domestic suppliers are more commercial. This is why the domestic punching die can be sold at a lower price.

2. The pressure that the die can bear is proportional to the area of the cross section of the punch, which is better to understand;

3. The high pressure that the die can bear is not based on experience, but needs to be measured and calculated: this result is usually included in the factory test certificate or instruction manual by the supplier; And I want to explain is that can withstand the pressure and you don't die tablet press show that the average pressure of delimit equal-sign, these two values apart from most of the domestic first tablet press of stress test results for the representation of the actual value, and the measuring principle is different, the two is a bit confusing, you want to know can go to self-study, A simple example: a large tolerance is within a certain time in certain pressure and die deformation when a lot of pressure value, and you in the process of the tablet, clear every die under "pressure" relative time is short, so there are a lot of people may find that even if your suggestion tablet press in more than a large pressure for pieces, die also found no damage, But it's still not recommended. The instrument to determine whether the actual value of the pressure is consistent with the displayed value of the equipment can be used by the German HBM. In addition, about whether the tablet press can withstand the pressure, in fact, the pressure that the tablet press itself can withstand is very large, the key is whether the punch can withstand, the punch may be different because of the material or specifications (such as 7mm and 10mm, can withstand the pressure is different), can withstand the pressure is not the same.


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