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Principle of the capsule filling machine

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Principle of the capsule filling machine

Hard capsule is realized by adding a certain amount of uniform powder or particle excipients into the hollow capsule, filling or directly distributing the drug into the hollow capsule.

The preparation of empty capsule can be divided into sol, immersion, drying, stripping, cutting, covering 6 procedures, can also be carried out through an automated production line. Working environment temperature 10-25℃, relative humidity 35%-45%.

Drug filling

Automatic filling machine can be used in mass production. According to the movement mode of the main working plate, the automatic capsule filling machine can be divided into two types: intermittent type and continuous type. Although the intermittent rotation stages of the continuous type vary in the action of the actuator, the process of producing the hard capsules is virtually the same. The structure and working principle of rigid capsule filling machine are described.

In the process of work, the empty capsules dropped randomly from the capsule bucket are sorted and positioned, so that the state of the capsule cap on the top falls into the hole of the main working plate capsule plate successively. In the extractor area, vacuum suction is used to make the capsule fall into the pedal hole, while the capsule cap stays in the upper hole. In the volume amplitude shift area, lower the upper cover plate together with the capsule cap, and place the upper cover plate under the quantitative filling device. In the filling area, a quantitative filling device fills the drug into the capsule. In the weeding capsule area, the weeding device should kick the empty capsule from the hole in the upper capsule plate. In the closed area of the capsule, the axes of the upper and lower plate holes of the capsule were aligned, and the capsule cover and the colloid were closed by pressurization. In the discharge area, the closed capsule is discharged through the discharge plate hole through the discharge device and enters the packaging program through the release slide. In the cleaning area, the cleaning device removes drugs, capsule dandruff and other contaminants from the upper and lower bursa holes. And then it goes on to the next cycle. Since each area takes a certain amount of time to operate, the main working disk rotates intermittently.


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