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Problems affecting the pressing and forming of the tablet press

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Problems affecting the pressing and forming of the tablet press

The special tablet press is another important factor in tablet forming. The performance of the tablet press, the mechanical operation of the equipment and the wear degree of the mold directly affect the quality of the tablet.

According to the specifications and models, the pressure of the rotary pipepress is greater than that of the special pipepress for impacting profiles, the pressure is uniform, and the split phenomenon is easy to control. Due to the fixing of the cartridge, the machine vibration is small, the particle stratification is small, the tablet weight is accurate and stable. But this particular type of rotary tablet press also has several models of single-track and double-track. When there is a weight difference in the production of tablets, you should consider that your tablet press is a special type of machine with a double-track structure that makes the particle speed and compression time shorter than the single-track, making the tablet more prone to this phenomenon. At this time should pay attention to increase the pressure properly, so that the machine to slow down. In addition, when the weight difference of the plate is detected in the stamping process, the weight regulator and the pressure regulator on both sides of the plate should be adjusted respectively. The technical parameters of the weight regulator and the pressure regulator should not be required to be consistent separately, but should be based on the actual adjustment data of each pipeline.

When the granule tablet has proper fluidity and compressibility, cracks, loose blades, viscous blades, slow disintegration, blade weight difference and surface spots may also occur. If the weight of the tablet is different from that of the tablet, the speed should be reduced. Due to excessive pressure, which causes the lobes and tablets to slowly decompose, appropriate pressure must be adjusted. For tablets that become loose due to the insufficient pressure of the tablet press, simply increase the pressure of the tablet press. As the height of the charging device is different, the loading speed of different particles and the blockage of the loader will affect the weight of the tablet, causing differences, which need to be verified by stopping according to the specific situation. In the process of pressing, when the surface of the sheet stains, should consider whether there is too much oil discharge in the pressing machine caused by oil. The trick is to scrub the oil regularly. Low particle fluidity will lead to different pieces of weight, can add two or three rubber cover, can increase the flow in the hopper effect, if the mechanical adhesion, should be stopped for inspection.

Stamping die is an important part of the stamping machine, and it is also the most prone to problems in the stamping process. For example, if the punch does not overlap with the die or the punch is crimped, and there is a difference in the split, loose or tablet during the press, the die should be replaced in time, and the problems caused by the different punch lengths should be adjusted as soon as possible. When the punch surface is rough, irregular, or deeply lettered, it can be treated with a small amount of liquid paraffin in addition to wiping with an oil line.

In addition, due to the humid weather conditions, workshop temperature is too high, the surface of the punch moisture adhesion, also will produce viscous pulse. In this case, the punch and coil must be cleaned and then preheated to start the operation.

The cleaning of the tablet press is directly related to the normal operation of the equipment. The accumulation of fine powder can cause difficulties. The die and coil are in direct contact with the drug, which can easily block the powder. When the cleaning area is not clean, it will not only cause pollution, but also produce color spots, adhesion and so on.


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