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Problems and methods of using tablet press

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Problems and methods of using tablet press

Drug crushing fineness is not enough, fibrous or elastic drug or oil composition content is more and mixed uneven.

Solution: the drug can be crushed through the 100 mesh screen, the selection of strong adhesive, appropriate increase the pressure of the tablet press, increase the oil drug absorbent fully mixed methods to overcome.

Insufficient amount of adhesive or wetting agent or improper selection, so that the texture of the particles loose or uneven distribution of particle size, coarse and fine grain stratification.

Solution: choose the appropriate adhesive or increase the dosage, improve the granulation process, mixing more soft materials, mixing particles and other methods to overcome.

The water content of the particles is too little, and the excessively dry particles have greater elasticity. The drugs containing crystal water lose more crystal water in the drying process of the particles, which makes the particles brittle and easy to loosen the lobes.

Solution: Therefore, the water content of granules should be controlled according to different varieties during granulation. If made of particles too dry, can spray) appropriate amount of dilute ethanol (50% - 60%), after mixing pressure tablets.

The nature of the drug itself. Density of large pressure out of the tablet although there is a certain hardness, but can not withstand collision and shaking. Such as bismuth nitrate tablets, soda tablets and so often easy to produce loose sheet phenomenon; Small density, poor fluidity, poor compressibility, re granulation.

The fluidity of the particles is poor, and the particles filled into the middle die hole are not uniform.

There are large chunks or particles, debris blockage scraper and feeding mouth, affect the filling amount.

The particles in the hopper are more and less.

Solution: the pellet should be added frequently to maintain a certain amount of stock in the hopper.


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