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Problems and solutions in the process of tablet pressing

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Problems and solutions in the process of tablet pressing

A tablet is prone to lobes during pressing: the tablet splits from the waist or top after being shaken or placed.

The main causes of the split: elastic recovery of the tablet, uneven pressure distribution, too fast pressure, improper selection of adhesive or insufficient dosage, too much fine powder and die.

Solution: change the small elastic accessories, reduce the speed of the tablet, adjust the uniform pressure, select the appropriate adhesive or increase the amount of die, replace the die.

Loose sheet: the tablet is not hard enough, in the process of packaging and transportation

The phenomenon, single stamping machine is more prone to occur

The main reason of loose tablet: drug elastic recovery is big, can pressure is bad.

Solution: select adhesive with strong adhesion, adjust the pressure of the tablet press.

Adhesive punch: Fine powder is stuck to the punch or die, resulting in one-sided unevenness or indentation.

The main reasons for adhesion and punching: excessive moisture content of particles, inappropriate amount of lubricant, rough surface of punch, high environmental humidity.

Solution: dry the particles, replace the lubricant, replace the punch, and adjust the humidity.


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