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Problems and solutions of tablet press

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Problems and solutions of tablet press

No fuel supply for rotary tablet press:

First, turn off the power of the machine and remove the oil pump cover and oil tank side panel from the machine.

Check whether the oil pump is inverted and the oil tank leaks oil.

Oil pipe blockage, the crude oil washing pipe valve removing or see if there is foreign body ball tube after cleaning, use mouth to blow into the mouth of the gas is not leak after the oil rod, and fixed the body of the tank farm pump, one way to remove any tube and pipe screw filling oil after cleaning, tighten the screws, prevent oil, dirt jam tubing, open the energy pump to start working again.

The press deflects and bends

When the platen is moved to one side, the platen is not well guided during the feeding process, and the distance between the upper and lower axes is not parallel. Which side means there is too much free space. During adjustment, stop the machine first, take off the driving gear on both sides of the lifting gear, roll down the big shaft gear on the other side, make it move to the tooth position, and then put back the driving gear.

Bending of pressing material: when the pressing wheel is adjusted downward, the feed quantity is too much, and the feed quantity is reduced appropriately, so that the allowable mass of adjusting material is less than the particle quantity of new adjusting material.


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