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Problems that are easy to occur in capsule filling

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Problems that are easy to occur in capsule filling

Loading difference. The main reasons are capsule factor, drug factor, filling equipment factor and so on. If filling is required, the fluidity of the drug can be improved by adding appropriate excipients or particle preparation methods. The filling equipment must be repaired and maintained in a timely manner to ensure its normal operation.

Moisture absorption. This is the most common problem in the preparation of capsule filling, because after water absorption, the contents of the capsule will become soft, dense and even moist, while after water absorption, the capsule will become soft and deformed, affecting the quality and efficacy of drugs. The solutions are as follows: on the one hand, strictly control the ambient temperature and humidity during the storage of empty capsules, and treat and fill the materials; On the other hand, improve the preparation process (such as granulation, waterproof coating, etc.), and then adopt moisture-proof and moisture-proof packaging, such as glass bottles, aluminum-plastic packaging, etc.

Insufficient content. Due to the occasional small amount of loss during the filling process, the final quantity may not be sufficient. You can prepare more powder particles before filling and remove the excess powder particles after filling, except for special materials.


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