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Process of blister packing machine

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Process of blister packing machine

Blister packaging production process: blister packaging basic process is as follows: the formation of a plastic film, due to the blister packaging blister packaging machine fixed a lot of many varieties of drugs, need appropriate health and safety, so it is in the automatic production line, automatic blister packaging machine packaging and packaging process to do it, you can also print, packaging boxes, creates attachment between specification and packing line, automatic blister packaging production line. The production process is: product filling, matrix covering, heat sealing, cutting, finishing.

(a) Roll the plastic sheet forward;

(b) The foil is heated and softened by pressure (compressed air) or ground (vacuum) to form bubbles in the mould;

(c) Install the product into an automatic feeding mechanism;

(d) Check molding quality and filling adequacy; In automated production lines, photodetectors are usually used. When the product does not meet the requirements, the remaining signal is sent to the storage unit. After cutting, the residue is processed automatically.

(e) The bottom material of the roll is covered with a filled bubble shell;

(f) Sealing the foam cover with the substrate by heat sealing plate or heat sealing roller;

(g) Print batch Numbers, dates, etc., on the back of the substrate;

(h) Press and cut into separate packaging units. After the completion of the discharge process, the waste disposal unit discharges the waste according to the signal stored on the storage device.

(I) Packing instructions, packed in boxes, for sale packaging.


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