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Protective agent and adhesive for medicinal aluminum foil

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Protective agent and adhesive for medicinal aluminum foil

After the printing of medicinal aluminum foil, the surface of the aluminum foil needs to be coated with a layer of protective agent and the other side with adhesive. The purpose of coating protective agent on the surface of aluminum foil is to prevent the wear of the printing ink layer on the surface of aluminum foil, and also to prevent the contamination of the drug packaging caused by the contact between the outer ink and the inner adhesive in the process of mechanical operation. The role of the coating adhesive layer is to make aluminum foil and plastic hard sheet after thermal bonding can stick together, so that the drug is sealed. Most of the protective agents used now are solvent-based, its main chemical components are: nitro fiber, synthetic resin, plasticizer, solvent, diluent and so on. These components are mixed in a certain ratio and stirred in a reaction kettle to form a solvent, which is mechanically coated on the surface of aluminum foil to produce a protective film. The specific requirements of pharmaceutical aluminum foil protective agent are: and aluminum foil have good coating adhesion and flexibility, transparency, good gloss, heat resistant solvent volatility, no residual odor, protection ink layer does not fall off, and high wear resistance.

At present, the application of medical aluminum foil adhesive, adhesive in the early time with pressure sensitive adhesive, or single component adhesive, the main component is natural rubber or synthetic rubber, can also be used to nitrocellulost dimension, and then with acrylic resin and solvent blending. The dry main agent is high polymer elastomer, plus viscosifier as auxiliary agent, which can be mixed into emulsion in the whole reaction of organic solvent, and has adhesive property with plastic hard piece PVC. At present, the adhesive used in drug bubble cover packaging aluminum foil is mostly polyurethane adhesive instead of pressure sensitive adhesive.

Another material used for drug blister packaging is polyvinyl chloride plastic sheet: polyvinyl chloride is also known as; PVC, is the main resin formed by the polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer, to auxiliary materials, such as plasticizers, heat stabilizers and lubricants, after extrusion or calendering production. The PVC used for bubble packaging is calendered cattle production process, with dry composite PVC film for extrusion production. Bubble cover with plastic materials and PVC/PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride) composite sheet, PET (polyester), PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) and other materials.


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