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Punch processing of the tablet press

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Punch processing of the tablet press

If the punch head is broken or the punch tail is broken, it may be due to improper heat treatment of the mold, its own damage and cracks have not been carefully checked, and it cannot bear the excessive pressure or pressure of the press. If the fatigue limit of the mold itself is exceeded, it may lead to fracture. Improve the heat treatment method of punch, strengthen the stamping quality control, adjust the pressure, pay attention to the visual inspection of tablet. At the same time, the service life of the mold can not be unlimited, generally in 30 million to 50 million pieces or so, must be scrapped, have to replace the new, old, easy to wear tail mold can not be used. The upper pulse is easy to hit the feeder, and the lower pulse is easy to hit the orbit. If a fault occurs, damage to the feeder or the discharge track is prone to greater problems. So often check the mold, replace the old mold in time.

In addition, shock absorbers can be added to the equipment to protect feeders and tracks from further damage in the event of fracture.

Punch burst damage Angle missing, metal chip may be embedded in the tablet. Because the punch heat treatment is not good, its own damage crack without careful inspection, can not withstand the pressure or pressure adjustment of the tablet press is too large, as well as the suppression of crystalline drugs can also cause detonation. The heat treatment method of punch should be improved, the quality of die should be checked, the pressure should be controlled, and the appearance of tablet should be checked. If a burst is found, immediately look for debris to prevent it from getting into the pill and try to eliminate the cause.


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