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PVC hard sheet for cold stamping

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PVC hard sheet for cold stamping

Cold stamping molding hard sheet surface support strength layer, aluminum foil barrier layer, inner surface heat sealing layer between the three layers of adhesive bonding method, they organically combined. To become a composite material as a whole, to ensure that the cold stamping hard plate house strong impact forming force is not business layer, not fracture, the selection and use of adhesives is quite key, general requirements after bonding aluminum box and surface type strength holding layer and heat sealing layer bonding strength is more than 8N/15mm, In the process of formulation design, the ratio of soft and hard segments of molecular pin segments in nitrogen-coated adhesive should be controlled. In order to meet the requirements of cold stamping molding, the general adhesive is difficult to meet the above requirements, so the adhesive used for cold stamping hard piece is generally a special adhesive specially prepared.

Cold injection pressure foam packaging ink has a good appearance and high barrier performance. However, the product has many different characteristics of other package number materials in the use process, and the following problems often occur in the use process

When the cold stamping hard sheet is formed into bubbles, cracks and pinholes of aluminum foil occur on the bubbles: and the points between composite films are high. The reasons for these defects are mainly as follows

One is the quality problem of cold stamping forming hard sheet, cold stamping forming hard sheet is a high technical content of products, there are many special requirements for raw materials and production process, if the production of each link is not well controlled, it is very prone to quality problems, cold stamping forming hard sheet quality problems, It can be easily determined by changing the cold stamping hard pieces of different batch numbers or even different manufacturers.

Cold stamping hard sheet support strength layer is mainly on the surface of the bidirectional stretching 25μm thick nylon film, nylon film hardness is low: easy to be scratched by hard objects; Nylon surface is scratched. Even if it's a slight cut; The strength of nylon film will be greatly reduced, resulting in aluminum foil and nylon film fracture of cold overpressing forming hard sheet in the process of stamping bubble, in the actual production process, cold overpressing forming hard sheet scratch. In particular, the slight scratch is difficult to find with the naked eye, often to overpressure into the bubble was found; Thus resulting in losses, cold overpressing molded hard sheet scratches. It is generally caused by the inflexible rotation of the guide roller in the operation process of the composite film, foreign bodies on the guide roller, and the composite film contact with the fixed part of the equipment (such as electrostatic brush), and so on. The scratch may not only be produced in the production process of the manufacturer, but also may be produced by the user on the packaging equipment.


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