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Recovery of powder from the capsule filling machine

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Recovery of powder from the capsule filling machine

The machine adopts double pipeline device for dust absorption and powder recovery. One of the pipelines of the device is used for cleaning mold holes, absorbing residual capsules of the cap body not separated and cleaning the table surface. The other pipeline is dedicated to the recovery of the filling part of the powder, and is also equipped with a powder recovery device in the air flow adsorption pipeline. The collector consists of a body, a powder recovery filter and a powder bucket. The pipeline can effectively and directly recover the lost materials in the filling part. During the filling process of the filling machine, the materials lost in the filling part enter into the powder collector through the special powder recovery pipeline due to the suction of the dust collector. Under the action of the powder recovery filter cartridge, 85-95% of the powder is deposited in the powder holding barrel. And the gas through the body cavity, through the trachea into the vacuum, and filter out. If there is too much powder in the powder bucket, the quick fixing button connecting the body can be opened, the body can be removed, and the powder in the powder bucket (there is no need to re-sterilize or disinfect) can be directly added into the medicine hopper of the filling machine to continue filling. Usage of powder recovery filter cartridge:

1. Open the fast fastening button connecting the body, loosen the butterfly nut, and take out the powder to recover the filter.

2. General cleaning: use a small air pressure source to blow the dust stuck on the outer surface of the filter cartridge to maintain the filtering effect of the filter cartridge.

3. Special cleaning: When the batch number of medicine is changed, it can be cleaned with purified water, and then dried at low temperature (≤60℃) to prevent deformation and degumming. (But try to avoid cleaning times, to extend the service life)


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