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Requirements for packaging goods

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Requirements for packaging goods

Packaging is one of the most important links in modern commodity production and marketing. The quality of packaging is directly related to the value of goods in the market circulation. With the development of market economy, people begin to realize that commodity packaging, as a visual communication tool, is not a dispensable thing, but the face of commodities, modern commodity packaging is becoming an indispensable part of commodities with its simple, clear shape. Packaging not only endows the product with unique personality, but also establishes a perfect visual image for the product. Drugs as a special commodity, and because of OTC drugs come on stage and parity, customize type of drugs the appearance of supermarket, more and more independent consumers to buy drugs, increasing understanding of the drug, the packing of the drugs have become consumers identify and purchase, how to win the favor of the consumers in numerous medicines, packaging design play an important role. And pharmaceutical packaging is difficult to use a precise image to reflect the actual connotation of it, so, only when the creative color, graphics, text, and many other design elements with the accurate, convey commodity information, arouse people's association, make drug substance use value and spirit of the unity of the aesthetic value to complete.

Basic requirements of packaging design:

The picture design of a package is actually an advertisement for the content. Therefore, we must pay attention to concise, clear, unique and other advertising factors. The screen design of packaging design is mainly composed of text, color and graphics, which has a strong visual impact, attracting consumers' attention and stimulating purchase desire.


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