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Rotary press punch installation

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Rotary press punch installation

Before the punch is installed, the hopper, feeder and feeder stand must be removed and the turntable and rotary mounted punch should be cleaned, bit by bit, and prepared according to the installation steps.

The fixing of screws outside the frame of the middle die the main steel frame is flat with the outer circle to prevent the punch from colliding too tightly with the screw fixing plate and frame. It should be placed flat with the middle die beating rod gently hammered in. The floor plan of the opening should not be higher than the floor plan of the turntable, should meet the conditions, and then tighten the screws.

Up-stroke device: The tongue plate is inserted on the opening gap of the guide rail, the middle rod is greased, some oil is added in the running toolbar, one by one, tighten the rod with thumb and forefinger, check the flexible rotation of the upper and lower mold, no scratch problem can occur, the tongue plate must be removed after all.

Underpunch device: open the small door on the main body and load through a circular hole. The loading method is the same as the upstroke method.

After the completion of the punch, the dismantled part will be restored to the original position. The test will continue to roll the wheel by hand, and the rotary table will rotate for 1-2 turns. Observe that the curve of the upper and lower dies and the action rotation is flexible, without collision or scratch.


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