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Safe operation of blister packing machine

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Safe operation of blister packing machine

Aluminum packaging machine is almost the necessary machinery for any enterprise, but many enterprises have had accidents, property losses fall next, mainly this equipment is easy to cause physical injury to workers, common burns and cuts.

Scalds mainly occur in PVC thermal forming station, heat sealing and pressing station, especially in heat sealing and pressing station. Due to the large difference in the shape and size of materials in domestic equipment, the proportion of falling into the bubble cap is low, and the bubble cap needs to be manually filled or picked up, which is easy to cause hand burns. It is suggested that the workers should pay attention to these two stations. The manufacturer has posted warning signs on the stations that are easy to burn.

The cutting mainly occurs in the cutting station. This station or up and down cutting, or left and right cutting, according to the installation of the cutter. Cutters used for a period of time after the emergence of material blocking, slice burr and other phenomena. At this time, the workers will use their hands to block the Chinese medicine plate in the discharge hole, or use screwdrivers and other tools. Especially in the fatigue operation state, it is easy to occur industrial accidents, so be sure not to put your hand into the cutting station during manual operation, to avoid injury.


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