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Safety matters of blister packing machine

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Safety matters of blister packing machine

1. It is strictly prohibited to start the machine when the working frequency of the machine exceeds 40 frequency. When the four plates are blanked, the blanking times shall not exceed 56 times/min.

2. Press the manual right traction every time you press "start" or "dot move" to prevent the moving clamp from being damaged in the boot position.

3. When wearing PVC and loosening up and down the mold, the time of "loosening" should not be too long. Loosening 1-2 cm is enough to prevent the machine from being damaged to the greatest extent.

4. It is strictly prohibited to add lubricating oil during start-up or operation.

5. The feeding frequency in operation can be adjusted by the vibration frequency.

6. In operation, it is forbidden to clean the waste at the punching outlet, between the heat sealing roller and the driving roller, at the mold place, and at the batch number printing place.

7. No hard objects shall fall into the upper and lower heating plates, upper and lower molds, between the driving roller and the heat sealing roller, and at the blanking mouth.

8. When wearing PVC to the static clamping place, the PVC should be stuck on the 1/4 round plastic guide plate vertically downward and follow the frequency of the machine to prevent the bubble from shaking around and getting stuck in the static and static clamping place.

9. When wearing PVC, try to prevent PVC from contacting the heat sealing roller. If the contact will burn the PVC, if the heat sealing roller sticks to the PVC, it can be cleaned with a small copper brush during operation. After changing PVC and PTP, use copper brush to clean the heat sealing roller.

10. No glaze contact with brake belt and motor triangle belt to prevent skid of brake and motor.

11. Moulds, heating plates, heat-sealing rollers, grippers and word clamps shall not start the equipment before they are confirmed to be securely installed.

12. It is strictly prohibited to remove the marks on the equipment without permission.


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