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Safety of stretch film vacuum packing machine

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Safety of stretch film vacuum packing machine

1, the equipment comes with automatic safety protection system, to prevent the operator misoperation or illegal operation caused by safety risks, bring safety accidents.

2, Cross-cutting knife system, all use hidden cutting knife, to ensure the safety of the equipment in the process of work.

3, Longitudinal cutter system, according to the user's products have been customized overall cutter, do different products, easy to replace, no security risks.

4, the whole equipment is equipped with different parts of the safety alarm device, at the same time for each safety point humanized design, when there is an impact on the safety hidden danger, the equipment will automatically stop working, the PLC operation screen will automatically display the safety fault points, such as the operator to remove the fault can be carried out after continuous work.

5. The packaging products are safe, and the heat sealing effect of the equipment is good. The electric heating plate adopts several independent temperature control devices, which will not affect the heat sealing effect of the packaging of the product due to the damage of the heating device, and there is no false sealing and virtual sealing phenomenon, which will affect the deterioration and swelling of the bag in the shelf life of the product and affect the product quality.


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