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Save the die of the tablet press

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Save the die of the tablet press

In the process of our drug production, the quality of the press die plays a crucial role. For example, when the punch hole is enlarged, the uneven weight will cause the drug to fail to meet the standard or produce cracks. The difference of the length of the tablet directly affects the difference of the weight and hardness of the tablet, and the uneven punch causes the crack or the fragmentation of the tablet; The punch has a curling edge or uneven, the effect will cause cracks, adhesive punch and so on. Therefore, in daily management, attention must be paid to the routine maintenance, maintenance and storage of molds to ensure the quality of tablets.

In the daily management, I summarized the following process, hoping to be helpful for the daily maintenance, maintenance and storage of the die.

1. Newly purchased molds shall be checked and accepted by the workshop mechanic. After passing the audit, the unit leader shall confirm again, complete the delivery process, and fill in the new mold registration form.

2. Upon receipt, the team leader must put the carton away, and then take out the oil and 95% ethanol to clean and disinfect the new mold. Storage must be in accordance with the machine type storage and tablet area, the need for visible signs to fill in the paste.

3. Complete mold release log using mold operator and mold manager, and check whether the specification model used conforms to the required specification model. Wipe the mold with a cloth before installation, wipe the mold with 75% ethanol after ethanol volatilization, and then reinstall. Care must be taken during the installation process to ensure that the punch and die match. Care must be taken to save the die. At the same time, new and old dies should not be mixed.

4. The mold must be returned after timely cleaning after use, and the template should be carefully checked for any damage during 95% ethanol cleaning. Damage condition refers to the choice of timely picked out, repairable repair, unrepairable machinery will report evaluation, and fill out garbage registration form, etc.

5. If the cleaned mold has not been used for a long time, apply anti-rust oil. When storage, should be placed according to the type of machine, tablet type, there is a clear mark, fill in the tool identification card. Storage period should ensure room temperature and humidity, to avoid mold rust. If the humidity in the room is too high, turn on the dehumidifier and keep the mold room clean and dry. Other than molds, no other items can be stored.


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