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Scope of application of small blister packing machine

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Scope of application of small blister packing machine

The main packing materials are PVC and PTP. It is suitable for all kinds of plain tablets, sugar-coated tablets, capsules, rubber pills and special-shaped tablets.

This machine is a packaging machine for heating aluminum plastic bubble cap, because advanced technology is adopted in the heating molding part, so that PVC is heated evenly and the bubble cap is formed firmly. There is no bubble loss when the machine is shut down or started up, so as to avoid the waste of packaging materials. Blipping, filling, reticulated heat sealing, batch number printing, plate blanking can be continuous operation, boundless blanking can save 4% to 6% of packaging materials. Convenient installation, debugging and maintenance, reasonable structure, compact, small volume, light weight, low price, is the crystallization of high and new technology.

1. There is a miniature bubble cap packing machine in the aluminum plastic bubble cap packing machine, which is small in size and compact in structure.

2. the whole machine adopts gear transmission, reasonable mechanical layout, low operation noise, convenient installation and maintenance.

3. the use of universal feeding machine, suitable for different shapes of material packing.

4. with the function of batch number. (To be customized)

5. Reliable packaging and sealing, crisp bubble cover, flat plate and beautiful appearance.

6. suitable for all kinds of sizes of capsules, plain tablets, sugar-coated tablets, special-shaped tablets and other drugs and chocolate beans, chewing gum and other small food packaging.


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